Ex-Biden Business Associate Sues Democrat Dan Goldman For Defamation

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s, filed a defamation lawsuit against Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) on April 5th.

Former business partner Bobulinski said that CEFC China Energy Company, an organization with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was planning to offer then-Vice President Joe Biden, the “Big Guy,” a 10% interest in a transaction.

The lawsuit revolves around Goldman’s March X post, in which he said that Bobulinski had created false accusations with the assistance of a Trump-associated lawyer. Goldman claimed that since October 2020, Tony Bobulinski has allegedly employed a lawyer hired by the Trump campaign to fabricate false accusations against the Bidens.

As Bobulinski’s counsel had earlier warned Goldman, stating that Mr. Bobulinski had lied before Congress and federal investigators as if it were true is defamatory and would not be condoned.

Goldman would not remove his statement from social media, so on April 5th, Bobulinski countered by suing the Democrat.

The lawsuit states that Goldman lied to further his political purpose by smearing Mr. Bobulinski’s reputation and shielding Joseph Biden, according to Bobulinkski’s claim. The statements made by the defendant are wholly untrue and constitute defamation. On March 26, 2024, Mr. Bobulinski posted on X, and Goldman completely disregarded his demand for a full retraction and removal of those postings. So, Mr. Bobulinski is trying to get Defendant to pay for his deceitful and willful falsehoods.

Bobulinski stated that Hunter Biden and James Biden (President Biden’s son and brother) lied before the House impeachment panel in a February closed-door session. Goldman made the disparaging allegation during the same congressional hearing.

In March, Biden associate Tony Bobulinski testified that President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, had lied during his February private interview during the House impeachment investigation.

In his opening statement, Bobulinski offered evidence that he was guilty of perjury.

A ten percent share in a partnership with CEFC China Energy Co., an organization with links to the CCP, was reportedly seen in a text message for President Joe Biden by the “big guy,” according to Bobulinski’s earlier allegations.