DUI Suspect Reveals Too Much During Jailhouse Calls

New information shows that a woman who is facing charges related to the wedding night crash that killed the bride and sent three others to the hospital confessed to being an alcoholic in recordings made at the prison.

Jamie Komoroski (26) was arrested in April 2023 in Charleston, South Carolina, by deputies. Police officers said Komoroski declined to undergo a sobriety test despite a strong odor of alcohol.

The incident killed the bride, Samantha Miller (34). Serious injuries were sustained by her 36-year-old fiance, Aric Hutchinson, Miller’s brother, Benjamin Garrett, and a young relative.

Komoroski was released on $150,000 bail earlier this month when prosecutors could not bring her to trial by the judge’s March 1 deadline.

Although Komoroski’s defense team had previously contended in court documents that their client had a long history of alcoholism, depression, and anxiety,  on December 11th, she reportedly admitted as much in a phone conversation with her sister Kelsi.

She said that she has struggled with alcoholism and now sees herself as an addict since she would do anything to escape her normal emotions. Her life didn’t have any purpose, and she felt lonely. In addition, she spoke about how she attended AA meetings and studied the Bible while incarcerated.

In separate calls, Komoroski’s dad informed her that they were taping their chats.

According to reports, she is court-ordered to stay at her Charleston apartment, which she moved into with the support of her family when she bailed out under the conditions of her parole.

The surviving victims’ wrongful death complaint claims that after drinking at four different bars before the incident, Komoroski had a blood-alcohol level of .261, which is more than three times the legal limit.

Last May, Aric Hutchinson sued Komoroski and the establishments where she allegedly had drinks before the incident for wrongful death.

The woman reportedly drove herself home after a night of drinking at four different establishments. She was so intoxicated that she was almost unconscious when she took a wrong turn and crashed into the rear of a golf cart, all while doing over 65 mph inside a 25 mph zone.

A conviction could land her in jail for as long as 25 years.