CIA Requests Mass Spying Supercharge 

( )- During a music and technology festival, the CIA urged increased collaboration with the private sector, saying the United States must “supercharge” its capacity to counteract dangers such as social-media manipulation and pervasive monitoring posed by foreign foes. 

The technology-focused panel was an invitation to anybody with knowledge in fields including wireless technology, quantum computing, biotech, battery technology, and semiconductor technology to explore working with or joining the CIA. 

The CIA annually attends an Austin, Texas, tech festival in the hopes of making connections with bright minds that might help them accelerate technology and stay up with their international rivals. Almost five hundred people heard Deputy Director David Cohen speak on Monday at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival. 

For almost 30 years, SXSW has been the place to go to see the latest in musical and cinematic trends, as well as the debuts of tomorrow’s stars. Emerging technology in a wide variety of fields is often shown at the SXSW Interactive events. 

The United States is falling behind its rivals in a number of emerging technological arenas, lagging behind China in 37 of the 44 sectors monitored by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. China, meanwhile, is home to the top 10 research institutes for technologies including hypersonics and sophisticated aviation engines, according to the study. 

As a result of nations like China increasing its monitoring capabilities, the CIA indicated in their presentation that they now felt more vulnerable and exposed than ever before. 

The CIA has said that it is aiming to link up with the private sector to accelerate its operations in order to defend the U.S. economy from the exploitation of technology by enemies. 

The government also detailed its need for outside help in areas including quantum computing, battery and semiconductor technologies, biotechnology, and wireless technology. This might come about via partnerships or even new staff members joining the organization.