China Forces Catholic Priests To Break Seal Of Confession

Throughout the last century, the perception of life within the United States from a  foreign standpoint is in general commonly perceived in the form of several categories. These include the wild west, pickup trucks, guns, and of course, fast food chains, such as hamburgers, fries, hot dogs and barbecue. Truly, since the 1950s, fast food corporations have completely transformed the nature in which Americans consume food, and at large these changes have not been for the benefit of individuals. While doctors across wide spectrums continue to point out the significantly detrimental nature of fast food in terms of long term health, food and dieting in general within the country is poor. Ironically, for a nation in which food is abundant, the types of food consumed by many average citizens is extremely poor in quality in many regards. It is no secret that America remains one of the world’s most obese nations.

Fast food in general is not the only risk one may face in America int the present. As the autumn season of 2023 enters full swing, annual cycles of influenza, common colds, and even COVID-19 remain a threat, especially with the colder weather setting in. In a new article written by the Hill, Vaccination rates for both the COVID-19 and flu vaccines have decreased in recent months. Additionally, only 40% of individuals polled in a new survey claimed they were interested in getting a vaccine this season.

Many people lost their jobs after refusing to get the vaccine, and many claimed the mandates were evidence of totalitarianism within government. As American grapples with serious political and social problems domestically, one authoritarian nation continues its draconian tendencies. China has forced a Catholic priest named Cardinal Chow, a Jesuit, has stood silent as the Chinese government has implemented a new law which requires priests within the nation to break the seal of confession, comparing secrets to treason against the communist government.