Biden’s Bullet Train Project Going Off The Rails

Since Joe Biden was inaugurated as president of America in January of 2021, it has been evident to all informed individuals that the United States is increasingly facing worrisome circumstances on all levels of governance. Economically, inflation has soared to levels not witnessed since the 1970s and ordinary families across the nation continue to strain as the value of the dollar declines. The quality of life across all communities is on the downswing as criminal activity increases in cities and suburbs due in part to progressive Democratic “reform” policies enacted by public servants which lessen penalties for crimes deemed “low level”. Paired with all of this, a cultural conflict has engulfed increasing aspects of corporate and academic life in the country. While conservatives and progressives battle, corporations across the country take political stances and risk alienating large percentages of voters. In truth, things are not “all good” in the union.

As gas prices continue to remain well above three dollars on average across America, the price of crude oil is nearing $94 per barrel. According to the Energy Information Administration, domestic supply inventories of oil in the nation fell by 2.2 million at the end of September. One refining company, Brent and West Texas Intermediate, or (WTI), has experienced price hikes for several consecutive days and reached their highest levels of 2023 on Wednesday. Prices are nearing quarterly price increase rates not witnessed since the initial days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in eastern Europe in early 2022. According to the CEO of Chevron, oil prices are likely to reach $100 per barrel within the near future.

As oil prices remain high, Biden continues his push for “green energy” alternatives. Biden had attempted to promote investments in American locomotive infrastructure and had touted a ‘bullet train” project that was set to connect Las Vegas to parts of southern California. Bullet trains are high speed locomotives that would benefit American infrastructure.