Arkansas Governor Gives Trump Her Endorsement

On Monday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Republican Governor of Arkansas, backed Trump’s reelection bid.

According to a report, the Governor, who served as press secretary for the Trump administration for two years, announced her support for Trump at a rally in Florida on Wednesday.

Sanders released a statement criticizing Biden and his Democrats for “doubling down” on lunacy and reiterated her call for Trump’s reelection in 2024.

In an interview, Sanders said the choice between the political right and left is moot. The time is upon us to return to the Trump period’s basic policies, which generated a stronger, safer, and affluent America. She said she was delighted to back Donald Trump for President.

At the rally, when discussing the brutal assaults she endured as press secretary from the left and media on her looks, character, and suitability as a mother, she recounted a moment she had with the 45th president.

She said President Trump once took her aside, locked eyes with her, and told her she was tough, beautiful, and excellent at her job. It was a moment she will never forget. He said that was why they were coming after her. Don’t give in to it.

She then stated that in a classic Trump manner, he tapped her on the shoulder and told her to get back to work. It made the crowd laugh.

She also said she was proud to be the first female governor of Arkansas and a staunch conservative.

Reports showed that Hialeah, Florida’s Trump Rally coincided with the Republican National Committee’s third GOP debate in Miami.

Sanders endorsed Trump against former Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who had disparaged Trump throughout his campaign.

Trump helped Sanders beat her Democrat opponent by over 30 points in the 2022 elections.

Based on surveys taken between Oct. 12 and Nov. 5, the RealClearPolitics polls show Trump dominating the 2024 national Republican primary race by 45 points.