Alex Jones And Stew Peters Sit For Most Controversial Hour Of All Time

Stew Peters appeared on the Alex Jones Show last week. Artificial intelligence, Q Anon, as well as the COVID vaccines were just a few of the interesting issues that Peters and Jones discussed.

Jones and Peters began discussing the Durham Report. They were in agreement that the Deep State planned a coup against the incumbent president, which would have been a crime against the United States. Peters’s critique of the FBI was scathing; he told Jones the bureau was a terrorist organization and provided 300 pages of evidence. The FBI must be defunded by Congress.

Alex Jones advocated locking up the FBI’s top brass in Gitmo.

Both parties agreed that the failure of the covid therapy was proof that physicians are under the influence of AI. Peters suggested to Jones that AI was controlling humans disguised as “zombie” physicians. The thought was that AI is directing medical practice and not looking out for humankind’s best interests. Jones warned Peters that artificial intelligence would harm mankind in ways people don’t anticipate, saying that we think a Cyborg will kill us, but AI will kill you silently instead.

According to a report, faces may be located and recognized using face detection, an AI-based computer technique.

It’s not only face recognition, though; the data is gathered and sold by a wide variety of corporate and public organizations.

Barbara Hart, an attorney, told Rolling Stone magazine last December that she and her husband were escorted out of Madison Square Garden (MSG) by security in October. It was the couple’s wedding anniversary, and they were out in public to celebrate.

Automatic face recognition had purportedly recognized her, and security staff informed her of this. She said this was because they had brought up her photo on the company website.

She was asked to leave because she works for Grant & Eisenhofer, a legal firm.  The reason behind the expulsion is a lawsuit between MSG and various investors, including the company that Hart works for. 

Does this indicate that private and taxpayer-funded corporations may discriminate against workers who happen to be employed by a business MSG disapproves of?