300-Year-Old Warship Discovered Off U.S. Coast

In Idaho, an alarming discovery was made when a shark was discovered on a riverbank of the Salmon river in the landlocked state, puzzling both locals and out-of-towners alike. On August 15th, the discovery was made near the city of Riggins, a municipality in the western-central area of the state. Riggins is over 500 miles from the Pacific Ocean. After responding to the scene, Wildlife officials located a baby salmon shark. These sharks, named for their diet, can reach a length of ten feet at maturity. The shark was deceased, and while initial reactions from citizens may have caused panic, tensions quickly subsided after the Idaho Fish and Game agency released a statement reassuring the public that no sharks existed in the state’s rivers. The only known species of shark that can survive in fresh water is the bull shark.

In Thailand, though, it appears a “ghost” or paranormal entity with sinister intentions may have almost caused the death of a woman. In the nation’s province of Samut Sakhon, a female nearly drowned in a canal. The woman, rescued from the Sanamchai canal in the central region of the country, claimed that she was “forced” by a ghost to jump off a bridge in a suicide attempt.  In footage obtained from a nearby restaurant, a woman is seen struggling to swim and nearly became completely submerged underneath the water. A group of men acted heroically, saving her and calling for medical assistance. Following her ordeal in the hospital, the woman stated that a “man clad in white” had told her to leap off the bridge. In an article from the Daily Caller, the rescue footage is seen. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the story from Thailand is chilling.

In another discovery from many days’ past, the HMS Tyger, an incredible British warship from 1647 was discovered off the coast of Florida after running aground nearly 300 years ago.