Video Shows How Weak Russian Tanks Really Are 

( )- Ukrainian Ground Forces posted a video on Facebook of destroying at least two Russian tanks.  

The clip begins with a single T-72B-series tank racing down a rural road until a Ukrainian airstrike unexpectedly destroys it. Within seconds, the tank is engulfed in flames, and shards of its armor can be seen soaring into the air. The turret, which had been entirely detached from the rest of the vehicle, is likewise propelled into the air by the force of the explosion. 

19FortyFive reports that war expert Rob Lee said that a Ukrainian drone operator employing a UAV armed with HEDP grenades carried out the hit, and the video of it was also widely posted on Telegram and Twitter. 

Two Russian T-72B series tanks were destroyed at Pervomaiske by an MT-LB destroyed by a UAV delivering HEDP grenades near Staromykhailivka, according to videos posted online by Ukraine’s 59th Motorized Brigade, which Lee cites in his article. 

The HEDP grenade can break through two inches of steel armor. 

According to a Telegram message, the tank was destroyed in Pervomayskoye, Donetsk Oblast. 

Russian T-72B tank destroyed in the N.P. Pervomayskoye Donetsk area (48.07315, 37.65085), according to the post. 

Another video showing a Russian MT-LB-tracked armored battle vehicle being destroyed by grenades dropped from drones was also released on Telegram. 

The footage shows the MT-LB, seemingly abandoned in the bushes next to the road. 

Another video sent to Telegram on March 15 shows a unit of the Ukrainian Airborne Assault destroying a Russian tank in Donetsk. 

The post reads that paratroopers from the Ukrainian Armed Forces still hold the defensive lines near Donetsk.  

“Every day, they try to take out our positions here.” 

“Tanks, infantry combat vehicles, and armored personnel carriers are only some of the weapons the adversary used to drive off paratroopers. This time, in addition to sending in troops, the enemy sent a tank to attack our position.”