Uncle Of Jordan Neely Arrested For 20th Time This Year

Christopher Neely, 44, was arrested last week for grand larceny, credit card theft, and bond skipping, according to a report. Neely was caught at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan on May 21 after trying to escape. 

According to reports, Neely eventually revealed himself as the uncle of Jordan Neely, a man who succumbed on a New York subway one month ago after former Marine Daniel Penny subdued him for harassing commuters.

Christopher Neely was arrested on May 21 for parole violation after serving six months for grand larceny in 2019. Prosecutors demanded $10,000 bail for his current accusations due to his parole breach.

His public defender, Gurmeet Singh, pleaded for cashless bail. Singh explained to the court that Jordan Neely’s death was hard for his family.  His client has been an anchor for his family and has been taking care of them. The court discharged Christopher Neely under the condition of supervision.

Media reports show that after 10 days on probation, Christopher Neely was apprehended again last Wednesday morning. Neely is accused of grabbing a wallet from a lady last August, charging up nine thousand dollars on the woman’s credit cards. in April, he again stole a wallet, followed by a $15,000 handbag a few weeks later. 

Neely faced last week’s accusations in a courtroom, and the court again released Neely under supervision on Thursday for the newest grand larceny allegations.

Neely was arrested for the twentieth time since June 2022 on theft-related allegations last Wednesday morning. He had been apprehended more than seventy times during his life and has been convicted of a wide variety of crimes, including rape.  

According to a report, in the past ten years, his nephew Jordan Neely was apprehended 42 times, the most recent being in November 2021, for striking a 67-year-old woman’s face as she was leaving a train station.