Speaker Johnson Prepared to Push $95 Billion Aid to Israel, Ukraine & Taiwan

House Speaker Mike Johnson said he backs legislation to provide funds for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. A $95 billion aid package has been under scrutiny for months, with Mr. Johnson previously indicating it would not have his support. Speaking in the wake of an Iranian drone attack on Israel on April 14, Mr. Johnson told Fox News that American support of the Jewish state was increasingly necessary.

Similarly, Senate leader Chuck Schumer said he had spoken to President Biden, who told him there is now a consensus among lawmakers that the US must help defend Israel and restart support for Ukraine. A White House press statement noted “an urgent need” for the House of Representatives to pass the legislation as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson and Donald Trump floated the idea of turning Ukraine aid into loans. The two men appeared together at an event in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, where the former President said America must stop handing out billions of dollars as “a gift.” He also called for Europe to contribute more, saying, “They’re much more affected than we are.”

Speaker Johnson’s new commitment to passing the aid package through the House comes as pressure intensifies following the Iranian attack. The assault occurred over the weekend of April 13 and marked the first time Iran has attacked the Jewish state directly. It came in retaliation for the killing of a senior Iranian General at the country’s consulate in Syria days earlier. The US, UK, and Middle Eastern Israel-ally Jordan all helped to ensure minimal damage to the Jewish state by intercepting drones and missiles.

Iran’s chief of general staff nevertheless said his country considered the attack a success and stated that there was no immediate need for further aggression from Iran. Israel said it would decide how to respond in due course. Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Forces continue to exchange fire with Iran-sponsored Hezbollah and pursue Hamas militants in Gaza.