UFOs Sightings Cause Division Over Possible Meaning

UFO specialists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp released new footage of an alleged UFO sighting above Twentynine Palms, California, in April 2021 on their “Weaponized” program. The two claim that the 10-minute clip shows a triangular black object with five red lights. More than fifty people, including Camp Wilson Marines, apparently saw it.

The strange UFO incident over the California desert Marine installation has Jeremy Corbell convinced that the United States government is hiding something.

Jeremy claims that every Marine he asked saw the outline of an aircraft in the sky. Moreover, he claims that the sighting occurred over a Marine installation, indicating that the government has a wealth of information that might illuminate the mystery.

Skeptics were quick to write off the movie as the result of flares, but Jeremy disputes this, saying that the Marines indeed shot flares at the UFO to illuminate the object, but that as soon as the flares got close, the UFO disappeared.

Jeremy claims there were over 50 eyewitnesses, most of whom were Marines. But he’s hoping that other people in the California desert that night in April 2021 would come forward with their film.

Knapp said that his thing happened two years ago, and nothing has come out, with no follow-up in the media.

Corbell said the sighting was the result of a tip. It was suggested that something had occurred and that more investigation was warranted. He claimed the informant abruptly ended the call and gave no additional details.

According to Corbell, the item was as huge as a football field and as small as a three-bedroom, two-story home, if not larger.

Meanwhile, Dr. Garry Nolan, a ufologist and professor at Stanford, stated this week that he is “100%” convinced that aliens have not only visited Earth but have “been here a long time” and are maybe still here.