Trump Claims Immunity in Federal Election Case

As the election season of 2023 approaches within several weeks, the American public is largely focused on next year’s federal presidential cycle. Indeed, while there are several meaningful state and local elections in some states this year, federal elections which tend to be more paid attention to (sadly!) are often given increased media coverage and promotion by national news outlets and political parties. Unfortunately, the state of American politics is quickly deteriorating. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the United States through the nations southern border since January of 2021 when President Joe Biden entered the oval office. Inflation peaked at record heights in 2022, and 60% of American citizens are living paycheck to paycheck.

The working class, which has been struggling mightily in recent years, continues to watch the buying power of their wages decline as they remain stagnant in the face of a higher cost of living. Internationally, wars have erupted in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and the world appears to be on the precipice of world war three. It cannot be overstated how horribly incompetent President Biden has appeared as the leader of America since beginning his term.

The former president Donald Trump faces four criminal indictments as he attempts to become the Republican nominee for the third consecutive time. On October 4th, Trump asked a judge to dismiss one of the indictment case’s he faces. A special prosecutor’s team within the federal government indicted Trump over incidents related to January 6th. Trump has argued that the case should be dismissed against him as his actions are protected by Presidential immunity. Trumps attorneys claim that Trump’s assertions that the election was stolen and his efforts to utilize lawyers to investigate the activities of ballot counters, ballot integrity, and vote tabulations in states were within the official scope of his duty as president. They state that since he was serving as president, immunity can be claimed.