Trump Campaign Plot Underway Just 2 Days Afterwards

( )- Just two days after the 2020 presidential election, a Trump campaign official in Wisconsin campaign staffers that Trump’s “comms” team would “fan the flame” by promoting the narrative that the Democrats were trying to “steal this election,” according to a leaked recording obtained by the Associated Press.

The audio recording, provided by a former Trump campaign official, was made during a November 5, 2020 campaign strategy session in Wisconsin featuring Trump’s Wisconsin campaign chief Andrew Iverson outlining the Trump campaign’s strategy to push the narrative that the 2020 election, which was held just two days earlier, was stolen.

In the first audio clip obtained by Associated Press reporter Scott Bauer, Iverson told campaign staffers that “comms” will “continue to fan the flame and get the word out about Democrats trying to steal this election.” He said the Wisconsin team will “do whatever they need,” adding, “just be on standby if there’s [sic] any stunts we need to pull.”

In the second clip, Iverson boasts that the campaign “received more votes than any other Republican in Wisconsin history.” While he conceded that Trump lost the state, he brags that the Wisconsin operation “turned out Republican or DJT supporters.” He claimed that Biden’s lead in Wisconsin was due to “shenanigans” in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Dane County.

According to Bauer, the audio highlights the “juxtaposition” between what campaign officials knew about the 2020 election results “and what Trump and his closest allies were saying publicly as they pushed the lie of a stolen election.”

In a statement to the Associated Press, Trump 2024 campaign spokesman Steven Cheung refused to address questions about the leaked audio, saying instead that the former president’s 2024 campaign “is focused on competing in every state and winning in a dominating fashion.”

Iverson, who is now the Republican National Committee’s Midwest regional director refused to comment on the meeting, deferring questions to the RNC. But RNC spokesman Keith Schipper declined to comment, telling the Associated Press that he had not heard the recording.

The audio can be heard HERE.