The GOP Has Launched A War Against The IRS

( )- National security blog reports that now that the Republicans in the House have chosen a speaker, they have started making laws.

One of their most important goals? The Internal Revenue Service should be wiped out.

But that won’t happen.

Fox News reported that the House would vote on a bill eliminating the IRS and the national income tax. This is what is known as the “Fair Tax.” It is a plan to replace the current federal income tax. The bill will be voted on because McCarthy and the House Freedom Caucus made a deal while McCarthy was trying to get elected.

But this Congress will not pass such a significant change to the tax code, especially since the Senate and White House are both run by Democrats.

According to Georgia Republican Rep. Buddy Carter’s press release, co-sponsoring this Georgia-made bill was his first act as a member of Congress, and it’s fitting that it’s also the first bill he’s introducing in the 118th Congress.

Carter explained that Instead of hiring 87,000 more agents to use the IRS as a weapon against small business owners and middle-class Americans, this bill would eliminate the IRS by simplifying the tax code with rules that work for the American people and encourage growth and innovation. Armed, unelected bureaucrats shouldn’t have more control over your paycheck than you do.

The blog’s reporting shows although the Fair Tax doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the House has passed a separate bill that would undo the billions of dollars in new funding for the IRS passed in 2022 as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. The Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act is the name of this law.

This bill wouldn’t pass in the current Congress because Biden said he would veto it if it did.  But the House did vote on it. And if the Republican House and the White House have a budget fight later this year, which is likely, the funding for the IRS is expected to be a sticking point.

Maybe the Democrats in the House and Senate will develop a conscience and go along with the Republicans.  Even if Biden does veto, Congress can override him.

Just kidding.

I guess the point is to show the public what’s going on, even if it does require some theater.