Suicide Note Found During Police Search

A suicide note was found after authorities reportedly raided the home of the Nashville shooter, who killed six people in a carefully planned attack that included months of studying the way other mass shooters carried out their attacks. The suicide note was one item among 47 other pieces of evidence, including journals and a shotgun. 

The shooting occurred at Covenant School, targeting Christian children and adults in what some are calling a hate crime, although authorities are still reviewing the motivation. Audrey Hale was reportedly a former student at the private school and had detailed maps of the premeditated attack.

A manifesto was among the items discovered. Hale was a 28-year-old biological female who identified as transgender. She had legally obtained her firearms before the attack, three of which were on her person when she was fatally shot by police after she fired 152 rounds, and another four which were found in her home during the search. 

Hale’s parents reportedly dislike guns and claimed that they thought their daughter had sold hers. Authorities are claiming that Hale had targeted the school but not the victims. Three nine-year-olds were killed, including three adults, one of whom reportedly ran toward Hale to protect the school. 

The tragedy triggered a host of controversies. Conservatives were quick to point out that the shooter was transgender and targeted a Christian private school, whereas those on the left claimed that violence will continue to escalate because of the right’s rhetoric toward the trans community. 

One English professor was suspended after he called for the mass murder of “transphobes,” according to National File. Transgenders and leftist activists have also been brandishing firearms and calling for violence. A viral video showed a transgender individual, going by the name, Kayla Danker, wielding a rifle, according to National File