Store Hits Prince Harry Where It Hurts For Book Flop

( )- A small bookstore in England has responded to going viral after putting copies of Prince Harry’s new tell-all memoir next to a book called “How to Kill Your Family” in the store’s window display.

According to reports, Alex Call, the owner of Bert’s Books in Swindon, said his staff thought it would make a few people smile to put the Duke of Sussex’s book “Spare” next to Bella Mackie’s book. In Mackie’s made-up book, a girl decides to get even with her whole family by killing each one of them.

Bert’s Books tweeted that It has been interesting to see how different people have interpreted this picture today.  Some people have thought he supported Harry, while others have thought the opposite. He said that he didn’t care either way.

Michael Ritchie, who works at the store, said that the book’s high price of more than $34 U.S. dollars would keep people from buying it, even though it was all over the news. Ritchie explained that the price was £28, which he thought was a lot of money for a book. People won’t pay the price, or they will wait for the paperback.

Ritchie also told the media that the book will sell for a week or two and then just fade away.

Reports show Piers Morgan and Adam Carolla praised the bookstore’s display and shared it on social media. That is what prompted the comments from the store.

Adam Carolla tweeted to his hundreds of thousands of followers that the bookstore clerk had a great sense of humor.  His tweet had a picture of the display at the bookstore.

Piers Morgan also shared the photo and called it brilliant, adding a clapping hands emoji.

Mackie responded to the show on social media. In an Instagram post, he thanked the 8,000 people who sent him the photos. He also sent a thank you to @bertsbooks.  He called it a “privilege!”

No word if Meghan Markle has called the display ‘racist’ yet. I’m sure she’ll be along shortly.