Ex-Russian President Says Maximum Reward for Killing NATO Fighters in Ukraine

Dmitry Medvedev, a former president of Russia, has spoken out strongly against the concept of NATO forces stationed in Ukraine. He stressed the value of acknowledging the sacrifices made by Russian soldiers fighting against coalition forces.

On X, Medvedev—a prominent figure in Russia’s security council and a trusted ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin—spoke about his views on the possible deployment of NATO forces to Ukraine for organizational and maintenance-related duties.

NATO has refrained from sending soldiers to Ukraine, and the organization’s leader, Jens Stoltenberg, has ruled out the possibility of doing so anytime soon. Stoltenberg stressed the need for NATO foreign ministers to prepare for long-term military assistance for Kyiv at a meeting on Wednesday. We would help Ukraine’s security forces by providing training and support and becoming more involved in arranging for the country to get weapons and equipment.

But in February, French President Emmanuel Macron sent shockwaves around the world when he said that Western troops may be sent to Ukraine. Though he later changed his mind, Macron now says that Western countries should not rule out the prospect of deploying soldiers to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s invasion.

According to Medvedev, the Russian military would see the deployment of NATO forces in Ukraine as an aggressive move. A more severe tone emerged in the Kremlin official’s statement as they slammed NATO leaders for their boldness and said they were ignorant of global intelligence.

Medvedev made several insulting comments before declaring with certainty that NATO troops would soon join the current ones in their struggle against us.

He claims they are enemies who should be seen as well-organized forces akin to Hitler’s SS execution squads. These foreign “lice,” who were spared the horrors of war by their superiors, have one rule: no captives allowed. Every NATO fighter who is killed, bombed, or burnt should be rewarded handsomely.

Medvedev is known for his controversial statements, which have sometimes touched on the topic of nuclear war. Medvedev warned France to be wary of Russia’s growing intolerance of their behavior, especially given Macron’s proposal to send Western forces to Ukraine.