Steve Bannon Calls Rupert Murdoch “Demonic”

Steve Bannon called the Murdochs “demonic” for firing Tucker Carlson before the popular Fox News host was informed, according to Media Matters. His comments came during an episode of his “War Room” podcast. Bannon was introducing Josh Hammer, an opinion editor at Newsweek, who wrote an article about the situation. 

The former chief strategist under Trump explained that the “demonic Murdochs” had already decided to fire him and called attention to the situation because it is a “fight for civilization,” citing a “demonic, Satanic presence.” Josh Hammer places us at the 50th-anniversary event of the Heritage Foundation. 

Tucker Carlson reportedly gave a keynote address that was well received by conservatives. He touched on his Episcopalian faith and the state of politics in this country. He warned that political discussion is no longer polite where both sides can come to the debate stage with a think tank’s research and present their findings on the best way to move forward. He lamented that that time has passed and now politics is a battle for man’s soul and is about things that are fundamentally theological and anthropological. 

What Carlson implicated in his speech was the debate between the left and right about the ability of one to change genders. The transgender issue continues to spark contention between both sides as they try to implement their beliefs in legislation. 470 bills regarding the LGBTQ community have been introduced across the country this year, according to the ACLU. 

In 2023, 40 new bills targeting gender-affirming care have been introduced, according to The Hill

Speculation continues to grow over why Carlson was fired. Only a video by the former host has been released since the news where he aims at the media’s inability to tell the truth. He said that big topics like war and civil liberties get no discussion.