Secret List Of Biden’s Exposed In New Camera Footage

“Cheat sheets” to assist politicians at press conferences, banquets, and fundraisers, have always existed. But the Biden cheat sheets are like flash cards for 1st-graders learning words like “clown” or “clueless.” It would be appropriate to have pictures of Biden on the cards.

It’s not a joke. Over 60% of American voters feel Biden is unfit to be president. The Washington Post poll, which typically skews left, underscores the gravity of the country’s situation. They see it.

As Americans struggle to pay bills, they see their president with a cheat sheet and make light of it.

Recently, Biden was addressing a group of groundbreaking Asians, one of whom was Joan Shigekawa, the American film producer.

Biden mangled her name, calling her Joan Shingan. Then he said Joan Shangakawawa while he congratulated himself for saying it correctly. Finally, Shigekawa stepped in and introduced herself.

Mispronouncing names is not the worst faux pas a person could make, but for Biden, it’s the least of his symptoms.

He needed cheat sheets to tell him where to go when to sit, when to stand, when to exit, and he’s said out loud that his handlers have told him not to speak.

Biden jokes about it. At a recent White House Correspondance Dinner, he joked about James Madison, saying that he called him “Jimmy” when he used to pal around with the founding father.

Biden would be 86 at the end of his second term. And while most voters see this as a negative, Biden has attempted to spin it into a positive, saying that with his age comes honor and wisdom.

The part he is leaving out is that it also comes with cheat sheets reminding him to blink and breathe.