Ron DeSantis Uses Execuive Powers While Eyeing The White House

As the Florida state legislature’s regular session ends in early May, Governor Ron DeSantis plans to announce his White House run officially. 

He is considered the most formidable Republican opponent to former President Donald Trump, and getting the party’s candidacy would be difficult. 

DeSantis has been looking to highlight his conservative bona fides when he and his administration’s Health Department pressured state health officials to outlaw gender-affirming procedures for children. 

He has also lobbied for legislation that would give him authority over a special district Disney manages at its theme park sites, but the Disney board has imposed restrictive covenants that would deprive the new members of much of their responsibilities.

The Republican’s desire to exploit his power to score political victories and punish political adversaries is fully displayed. It’s a precursor to the systematic approach to governance that drives his bombastic public character.

During his successful reelection campaign last year, the conservative ideas he ran on galvanized the state’s Republican base and helped him win over traditionally Democratic areas like Miami-Dade County.

After gaining national attention for his stance against widespread coronavirus lockdowns, DeSantis has solidified his reputation as a Republican firebrand by taking a leading role in the country’s cultural battles. Once the normal session of the state legislature ends in early May, he plans to start his presidential campaign officially.

Meanwhile, DeSantis has been increasing his trips to crucial presidential swing states. 

These initiatives highlight the significance of DeSantis’s work in Florida. They provide credence to his supporters claiming that the governor would promote Trump’s policy agenda without the latter’s ongoing upheaval.

Using a constitutional clause allowing a governor to dismiss officials for incompetence or neglect of duty, DeSantis suspended Andrew Warren, an elected Democratic prosecutor in Tampa, last year.

DeSantis said in an executive order that Warren’s suspension was mainly because he had signed statements promising not to pursue criminal charges against anybody seeking or delivering abortion or gender transition services.