Police Name Suspect In Case Of Murdered Journalist

Philadelphia police searched for a 19-year-old male on Friday in connection with the shooting death of an area reporter the week before.

According to reports, 38-year-old Josh Kruger was shot and killed On October 2nd at his home by suspect Robert Davis, according to authorities.

Lt. Hamilton Marshmond of the Philadelphia Police Department indicated during a press conference on Friday that Mr. Kruger knew Mr. Davis. Lt. Marshmond said that authorities had not determined the reason for the murder but that the deceased had been attempting to assist Mr. Davis with his life’s difficulties.

The assailant suspect was believed to be armed and dangerous, according to the police.

Mr. Kruger was discovered by police on the pavement outside his house with seven gunshot wounds. A little while later, he passed away in the hospital.

There were no traces of a break-in, authorities said at the time.

On the Wednesday after Josh Kruger, a journalist and LGBT rights activist in Philadelphia, was murdered, the narrative took a far darker turn. It is claimed that Kruger, then 39 years old, developed a sexual connection with his alleged attacker, Robert Davis, then a minor, and that Davis later threatened to sexually blackmail Kruger. Drug abuse was reportedly an issue in their relationship.

In recent interviews with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Davis’ parents described how Kruger first sexually abused their son when he was 15 years old. They also claim that Davis informed them that Kruger had threatened to upload obscene footage of him online.

After years of seeing their son’s life unravel as he hid his connection with Kruger and his use of drugs, the family claimed to a media outlet that their story was based on recent talks with their son.

The outlet also reported that police officers have found what are being called pornographic photographs and texts on Kruger’s phone and are probing the claims made by his relatives. Sources for the outlet would not confirm or deny whether or not the photographs and texts were related to Davis.

However, they noted that the images were unsettling, and thus, they were sent to the Special Victims Unit (SVU) of the police department.