Passengers Recount Shock & Horror Of Nightmare Flight

Fifty passengers were hurt when the LATAM Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner plummeted during a journey to New Zealand as a result of a sudden decrease in altitude. Because of this awful event, investigators set out to find out what caused the steep decline.

Reports show that the Chilean airliner was en route from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand, when a violent shake caused some passengers to tear through their seatbelts and get tossed around, injuring at least fifty. The nightmare for the over 200 people on board ended when the jet landed on schedule at Auckland Airport.

It was later discovered that a flight attendant who was serving food and refreshments had accidentally hit a switch on the pilot’s seat. The move caused the Dreamliner to nosedive for 10 seconds. The pilot was shoved toward the controls by a motorized device, which then caused the plane to descend rapidly.

Local reports showed that emergency vehicles and paramedics were waiting when the plane landed in Auckland. Dozens of passengers received treatment for minor injuries.

After the flight, ten passengers and three cabin crew members were sent to a medical clinic for treatment, according to LATAM Airlines, a Chilean international airline located in Santiago. Not long after that, most of them were released. The statement said that one crew member and passenger needed further medical treatment, but their injuries were not considered life-threatening.

The airline LATAM stated that it was cooperating with the relevant authorities to help investigate the event.

Numerous distressed passengers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the level of information they got from LATAM after the event.

In a statement sent to news organizations, the airline expressed its deepest apologies for any inconvenience or harm the incident might have caused its customers. The airline reaffirmed its dedication to safety within its operating standards.