Oprah Responds To 2024 Question: “Come On…”

According to a report, Oprah Winfrey was questioned about what she made of the news of President Biden’s re-election bid, given that she has already backed Biden for 2020 and is a lifelong Democrat.

Winfrey said, “Come on, now,” sounding frustrated with the question. She responded with, ‘It’s not happening.’ As in, she wasn’t going to answer that question. 

Oprah advocated for Democratic candidates in the run-up to the 2022 midterms.  

So why not answer the Biden question?

Perhaps Oprah Winfrey knows that a large number of voters, including Democrats, think Biden shouldn’t run for president. 

According to a recent AP/NORC survey, only 26% of 1,230 U.S. people polled between April 13 and 17 said they wanted to have Biden campaign again in 2024, while 73% said he shouldn’t.

Even though 52% of liberals do not support his running, 47% of Democrats support him.

As President Joe Biden began his reelection campaign in April 2023, his support rating plummeted to a new low of 37%, according to a Gallup poll.

This week, after months of rumors and conjecture, Biden formally began his reelection campaign. On the day he started his reelection campaign. However, a Gallup poll indicated that his popularity rating had dropped to a new low of 37%, with 59% of respondents disapproving of his ability.

The independent vote is crucial if Biden wants to win reelection, and the Gallup survey indicated that just 31% of respondents approve of his job performance.

The approval rating for Biden among independents is 31%, which is tied for his lowest and down 9% from February.

Between April 3rd and 25th, Gallup surveyed a total of 1,013 adults in the United States. The sampling error for this poll is ± 4%.

Seventy-five percent of Americans, according to the most recent Gallup poll, think economic circumstances are worsening under President Joe Biden.

Seventy-five percent of Americans believe the economy is getting worse, compared to 19 percent who believe it is getting better and 5 percent who believe it is staying the same.