Obama’s Iran Deal Won’t Be Revived, GOP Decides

The Biden administration has had plans of reviving the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal, but experts claim that the deal was never the same and could never be. Now, House Republicans are preparing to introduce a series of bills that will kill that prospect, according to Newsmax.   

Sources reportedly told The Washington Free Beacon that the Republican Study Committee (RSC) has sponsored six bills that Republicans are set to bring forward. The bills will target sanctions, expanding them on Iran and preventing the administration from loosening them in future negotiations. The sanctions will target key areas in Iran, including target their military, government leaders, and financial sector.

The deal that President Biden had on the table in late 2022 was a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action easing sanctions on Iran while procuring their promise that they would stall their nuclear developments, according to a report from American Pigeon. In effect, Iran’s ballistic missile program would continue unhindered. 

While Biden has alleged that negotiations are on standby, sources close to the matter say that the administration is working on a new deal, which may have resulted in Iran’s increased attacks on the United States. As sanctions were eased during negotiations, attacks have reached all-time highs in 2021 and 2022, according to a congressional report. During Biden’s first year in office, Iran executed more than 750 attacks on personnel and allies. 

While Republicans may have a hard time selling the bills to Democrats, especially as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is reluctant to intervene in the White House’s policy with Iran, the Study Committee’s national security task force is going to reportedly play an “integral role” in that persuasion. The committee is led by Rep. Joe Wilson and will work to convince both Democrats and Republicans in both chambers to include the bills in the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, which is the annual spending bill that the House writes with the Senate.