New “Palm Reading” System Unveiled As Technology Picks Up Speed 

( )- Amazon rolled out its new technology that gives customers an easy way to pay for their purchases, and it’s right in the palm of their hand. Literally. 

Whole Foods stores in California were the first to allow customers to pay by letting a scanner read their palms. 

Panera Bread, in an attempt to remain competitive in the ongoing war against cash, is taking the leap with Amazon’s “palm reader” payment system. 

On Wednesday, Panera Bread revealed that some of its stores would begin accepting payments using a “contactless payment system,” with plans to roll out the service to other locations over the coming months. More than fifty-two million customers have signed up for the bakery-cafe chain’s loyalty program, which has over two thousand locations. 

According to the company’s announcement, “Panera is the first national restaurant business to utilize Amazon One as a way for visitors to pay and access their reward account with their palm. 

Amazon One is presently available in a number of locations, including Amazon Go and Whole Foods Markets. 

In an interview with CNBC, Panera Bread’s Chief Digital Officer George Hanson said that the chain might have as many as two dozen locations equipped with Amazon Pay by the end of the summer. 

Companies with large customer loyalty programs, including Amazon and Panera Bread, have started embracing contactless payment methods, suggesting that we may be getting closer to having a cashless society. 

Remember that the trend toward a cashless society was previously made blatantly clear. The inexplicable “coin shortage” may have served as a dry run, and anybody who dared to suggest that our future may include being cashless was branded a “conspiracy theorist.” 

Please bear in mind who else is modifying the world and pushing corporations and governments to shift away from an economy dependent on cash- 

the rollout of contactless payment precedes the July introduction of the Federal Reserve’s digital dollar. 

Soon, the bygone days of panicking because you lost your wallet may be upon us.