Majority Of Americans Sour On Backing Ukraine’s War

A recent CNN poll indicates that most Americans are against the idea of Congress increasing U.S. aid to Ukraine during its persistent conflict with Russia.

The study, which was shared on Friday, shows that 55 percent of Americans think that Congress should not approve more funding for Ukraine, while 45 percent are in favor. 

Fifty-one percent of those responding to the survey believe that the U.S. has already provided ample support to Ukraine in its struggle against Russia’s aggression. This is a notable shift from February 2022 when 62 percent felt the U.S. should intensify its support.

When participants were queried about the kind of support the U.S. could offer Ukraine, a sizable percentage favored intelligence assistance (63 percent) and military training (53 percent In contrast, only 43 percent supported sending weapons, and a mere 17 percent were in favor of U.S. combat forces directly engaging in combat operations.

Interestingly, the survey underscores a distinct political divide concerning continued financial support for Ukraine. A significant 71 percent of Republican respondents opined that Congress should not release new funds, and 59 percent believed the U.S. has already done enough. In contrast, 62 percent of Democrats are in favor of more aid, and 61 percent believe the U.S. should enhance its support. Independent voters’ perspectives closely align with the Republican viewpoint, with 55% against more funding for Ukraine and 56 percent believing the U.S. has already done enough.

The results of the poll highlight the differing priorities between ordinary Americans and D.C. policymakers. The latter seems inclined to commit large sums to Ukraine, which has a reputation for corruption, without adequate monitoring of how these funds are used. Amid rising inflation and fuel costs domestically, the U.S. committed over $113 billion to Ukrainian aid in 2022 after the February invasion by Russia, as per the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

The Washington Post juxtaposed the U.S. aid to Ukraine with its financial assistance to other nations during the same period. The conclusion drawn was that the aid to Ukraine surpassed what the U.S. provided to any other country globally.

Prominent figures, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, argue that countering Russia in Ukraine is currently the globe’s most critical affair. This claim is made while the U.S. grapples with economic challenges, border security issues, and allegations of political bias in federal law enforcement actions.