New Interest In Clinton Whistleblower Case

On Monday, a US Tax Court judge postponed ruling on a series of motions in a years-long whistleblower case alleging improprieties in the IRS investigation into the Clinton Foundation, Just the News reported.

US Tax Court Judge David Gustafson gave the whistleblowers in the case, corporate tax compliance expert Larry Doyle and former federal agent John Moynihan, until June 30 to update their arguments in the case and ordered the IRS to respond by July 28.

The case, which was first brought in 2017, alleges that there is a mysterious “gap” in the records related to the IRS’s criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation. At the time, Judge Gustafson ordered the IRS to provide evidence that it did investigate the Clinton Foundation.

Judge Gustafson first allowed the case to proceed in October 2020 when he rejected the IRS’s motion for a summary judgment. In May 2021, the judge suggested that the IRS whistleblower office may have been withholding evidence from the court.

The IRS has since attempted to have the case dismissed.

But with the judge’s ruling on Monday, the case will likely continue for several more months.

Doyle and Moynihan first revealed the existence of their whistleblower complaint in congressional testimony in December 2018. The two men, both widely respected forensic financial investigators, told a House committee that the Clinton Foundation was operating as an unregistered foreign lobbyist by accepting foreign donations and attempting to influence US policy, and therefore is not entitled to its 501c3 tax exemption.

The release of Special Counsel John Durham’s long-anticipated report could breathe new life into the case as it included evidence showing that during the 2016 election, the FBI had four open investigations into the Clintons’ philanthropic and business activities.

According to Just the News, three of the investigations were related to allegations that the Clinton Foundation was Ground Zero for “criminal activity,” including “fraud and corruption charges.”

All four of the FBI investigations were closed down just before the 2016 election.

According to the Durham report, senior officials from both the FBI and DOJ were involved in either stopping or slowing down the probes.