Michael Oher’s Scathing Docs Revealed To Public

Former NFL player Michael Oher, who earlier this month filed a petition in a Tennesee court to dissolve the conservatorship he signed with Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, last week claimed that he never saw any money from the use of his name in 19 years, The Los Angeles Times reported.

In a motion filed last Monday, Oher’s attorneys claim the Tuohys “flagrantly disregarded their statutory and fiduciary duties” to him since becoming his conservators in 2004 by hiding all financial records.

The motion filed in Tennesee probate court seeks to compel the Tuohys to provide an accounting of the money they made off of Oher over the last 19 years and requests a response from their attorney within two weeks.

In the motion, Oher’s lawyers argued that by failing to provide any accounting records, the Touhys “excluded” Oher from knowing the details of “contracts negotiated on his behalf,” particularly the contract with 20th Century Fox for the rights of the Michael Lewis book “The Blind Side: The Evolution of the Game” which was adapted into the film starring Sandra Bullock.

The motion alleges that Oher has no knowledge of the income from the contracts nor does he have any knowledge of the income the Touhys generated by using his “name, likeness, and image.”

Oher also alleges that he was never permitted to use his name, likeness, or image and accuses the Tuohys of using him “to enrich themselves” at his expense while giving themselves “unfettered access” to the assets derived from Oher’s name.

In his initial petition, Oher asked the court to dissolve the conservatorship and block the Tuohys from continuing to use his name, image, or likeness as well as falsely claiming that they adopted him.

Oher is also seeking a share of the profits earned from his name as well as unspecified damages and attorney’s fees.

In an interview with The Daily Memphian, Sean Tuohy said the family made no money off of the film deal and the family neither asked for nor were offered money.