Michael Bay Is Facing Charges In Italy

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Blockbuster movie director Michael Bay is reportedly facing charges over a pigeon that was killed during a film shoot in Rome five years ago, however, Bay denies the allegations.

Italian authorities reportedly claim a protected homing pigeon was killed by a dolly during the 2018 filming of Bay’s movie “6 Underground.” An unnamed crew member allegedly snapped a picture of the dead pigeon and reported it to the police.

In Italy, is illegal to capture, harm, or kill wild birds which are protected under European Union’s Birds Directive.

However, in an interview with The Wrap, Bay said there is “clear video evidence” as well as a “multitude of witnesses” including safety officers that exonerate him and disprove “their one paparazzi photo,” which Bay says “gives a false story.”

Bay told The Wrap that he is “a well-known animal lover and major animal activist” and no animals involved in the production, or any other productions he’s worked on in the last 30 years have ever been injured or harmed.

Since the case is still ongoing, Bay was unable to provide any specific details, only telling The Wrap that he was “confident we will prevail.” He said he was offered a deal to settle the case by paying a fine, but he refused to “plead guilty to having harmed an animal.”

This isn’t the first time Michael Bay has been publicly shamed.

Actress Megan Fox slammed the director for his dictatorial directing style. In a 2009 interview, Fox accused Bay of wanting to “be like Hitler on his sets” and said working with him was a “nightmare.”

In 2016, actress Kate Beckinsale, who worked with Bay on the film “Pearl Harbor,” accused the director of “body shaming” her when he told her to start exercising to lose the weight she gained after giving birth.