Megyn Kelly Reveals Regret After Getting Vaccine

Journalist and anchor of The Megyn Kelly Show, Megyn Kelly, has said she wishes she hadn’t had the COVID-19 vaccination.

Kelly spoke out to writer David Zweig about her struggles with an autoimmune disorder that developed after she was vaccinated.

On her podcast, Kelly discussed her remorse about having had the vaccine. She said that even at 52 years old, she didn’t think she needed the vaccination.

Multiple times, and long after her vaccination, she acquired COVID multiple times.

Kelly, who is not one to shy away from confronting taboo subjects, spoke openly about her experience with the vaccination.

During her routine yearly checkup, she discovered that she had an autoimmune disorder. She went to see the best rheumatologist in New York and asked whether there was any connection between this diagnosis and the fact that she got COVID three weeks after getting the booster injection. Her doctor felt there may be a correlation; she had also seen this phenomenon in other people.

Kelly discussed getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccination on the weekend of April 2021. She said she didn’t worry about anything since she’s grown up in a culture where the media is fixated on creating unfounded panic. “Listen to your doctor and pay no attention to what anybody else says,” was her advice.

Megyn Kelly’s sister, Suzanne Crossley, 58, died unexpectedly after a heart attack last year, and Kelly broke the news on her podcast.

She wrote at the time that, over the weekend, something awful occurred in her family.
Her 58-year-old sister, Suzanne Crossley, died after a heart attack.

Her health has deteriorated significantly over the previous several years, but she said it came about quickly and without warning.

She said this is not the expected sequence of events, and her poor mom is suffering as a result. Over the weekend, they were all together, and now she would be returning in preparation for her burial tomorrow.

Kelly said that after her sister’s death, she realized the value of her loved ones more than ever.