McDonalds Suffers Brutal Drive-Thru Shooting

A shooting incident in the drive-thru line at one McDonald’s restaurant left a teenage employee gravely wounded.  A 

Nashville, Tennessee, McDonald’s was the scene of the crime. An altercation between customers and employees over an order quickly became violent, with gunfire erupting from both sides. 

The event reportedly started at a McDonald’s early in the morning on March 16th, according to sources from police authorities. Upon receiving reports of an employee being shot, officers from the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) responded to the scene.

An employee reported seeing a wine-red Chevrolet sedan enter the drive-thru lane before the incident. The car was carrying two males and two females. Sometime after placing their order, the people inside the car became angry and began fighting with employees. They informed the 17-year-old who worked the second window about their complaint about being overcharged at the first window.

A passenger pulled out a handgun and rolled down the rear window of the automobile while other restaurant personnel attempted to fix the problem. A gun was pulled from the young worker’s waistband in retaliation, and gunfire erupted between the two groups.

The young employee sustained injuries, and he was taken to a hospital nearby for attention. According to police, he sustained serious injuries in the altercation, but his condition was stable as of that afternoon. The police were able to locate the weapon he had used in the altercation at the house of the employee’s acquaintance.

Officials are still looking for information that might lead them to the driver of the automobile that was involved in the shooting, but no one has been arrested just yet.

Such acts of aggression in fast food joints are typical. After reportedly shooting a manager after a fight in June 2022, an Atlanta McDonald’s employee fled the scene.