Matt Gaetz Booed After Slamming Fellow Republicans

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a known firebrand in Congress, followed through with his promise to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). After an unsuccessful attempt to postpone the vote, numerous Republican lawmakers spoke out in favor of keeping McCarthy in his position.

A report shows some Republican colleagues hailed McCarthy’s weekend passage of a temporary budget plan that will keep the government operating, while Gaetz has spent much of his time complaining about the budget and McCarthy’s broken promises. He has also expressed displeasure with the lack of progress and placed the blame on McCarthy.

Gaetz said that those who would kowtow and bow down to the lobbyists and special interests who control the leadership in order to bring in cash are not the ones to lecture him on requesting American patriots to weigh in and contribute to this struggle.

Some House Republicans booed Gaetz.

Gaetz told them they may boo all they want. The special interest lobbyists are the ones who drained the lifeblood out of DC and took out loans against the prosperity of future generations.
Gaetz explained that with the help of hardworking Americans, he has no problem raising small donations from normal people to support his political operation.

He then told the jeerers to see how well begging at lobbyist fundraisers would serve them.

Reports show the House voted in favor of Matt Gaetz’s motion to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his position last week. McCarthy’s position as House Speaker has ended.

Kevin McCarthy would not stand to be re-elected in another multiple-round marathon. He had decided not to make another attempt to run for Speaker.

McCarthy claimed the Democrats abandoned their agreement to vote for him because a deal with them went bad. He subsequently declared his retirement and asked the Republican Party to choose a successor immediately.

After McCarthy was removed from his position, Rep. Patrick McHenry (NC) was named acting Speaker. McHenry was appointed Speaker Pro Tempore by McCarthy earlier this year.