Kid Rock Under Fire After Photograph Was Released

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist who has gained a lot of support thanks to her Day 365 Of Girlhood videos, uploaded a customized Bud Light can featuring her image to mark the first anniversary of the date on which she first began the process of supposedly transitioning from male to female.

Bud Light has partnered with Mulvaney to be more “inclusive.”

Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock, and many others took to the internet to express their unhappiness with the drink and its parent firm, Anheuser-Busch.

In a video posted to his social media accounts this past week, Rock can be seen firing a barrage of bullets at a stack of Bud Lights sitting on a table beside a river. A “Make America Great Again” cap was worn backward, and the hashtag “MAGA” accompanied the video.

Following the release of Rock’s video, a picture that many believe to be of him began making the rounds on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Rock is also spotted wearing a Coors cap.

The global multimedia digital company Global Red Eye (WRE) reportedly took the photo. Rock and drag queen Wanda are seen together on the agency’s website on a page headed “Transformation of Drag” on September 26, 2003. 

Prive in Miami, Florida, where this picture was shot, has closed down.

Until her death in June of 2013, Wanda was a prominent member of the South Beach drag scene, as reported by WRE. In 2013, Wanda passed away. The picture of Rock and Wanda was shown again in August 2013 as a kind of tribute.

The picture has become the subject of ridicule on message boards.

Meanwhile, the smug people deriding Rock are ignorant of the fact that drag queens do not claim to be women. The reason why it is called “drag” is because it is men playacting as women.

The protest over Mulvaney is that he is not, as he claims, a “girl.”

Mulvaney, at age 26, has amassed 1.7 million Instagram followers and more than $1 million in endorsements by endorsing companies including Ulta Beauty, Haus Laboratories, Crest, Instacart, EOS, and CeraVe. In addition, Mulvaney has appeared in commercials for these brands.