John Bolton Predicts Iran Protestors Are Close To Winning 

( )- Former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton told US senators that the opposition protesting the Iranian regime is “very close to winning,” the New York Post reported last week. 

Bolton and former Senator Joe Lieberman spoke at a Senate briefing last Thursday where they expressed their support for the women-led protests that have rocked Iran since the September 16 in-custody death of Masha Amini who was killed by Iran’s so-called “morality police.”  

Bolton said the subsequent protests that erupted show that “we’ve crossed a line” and the Iranian people “are not going back.” He said there had already been “enormous economic dissatisfaction” with Iran’s ruling regime. But the protests sparked by Amini’s murder have been a “direct ideological assault” on the regime’s legitimacy. 

According to Bolton, this is an indication that “we are very close to winning.” 

The 81-year-old Lieberman agreed, telling the senators that this is the “broadest” uprising against the Iranian regime, which is bringing us “closer than ever” to seeing the people of Iran liberated from tyranny. 

Since the protests began, over 500 Iranians, including nearly 100 women and children, have been killed by the regime. 

Bolton told the senators that the Iranian people continue to protest, despite the number of deaths and the tens of thousands of protesters that have been arrested. He said it is this “force of opinion” that will bring an end to the mullahs and give Iran the “regime change” it needs. 

Both Lieberman and Bolton urged President Biden to formally end the efforts to revive the 2015 Iran deal and put an end to nuclear talks with the country. 

Leiberman said the government should declare the Iran Deal “dead,” and called on Biden to impose further sanctions on Tehran. 

Bolton said that the Iran Deal was an “illusion” from the beginning, adding that while Iran is very good at making promises, it never intended to follow through on them.