Hunter Biden Associate To Hand Over Material 

( )- Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s former business associate is cooperating with the House Oversight Committee as it investigates possible links between Hunter’s foreign business dealings and President Biden. 

In early February, James Comer, the chair of the Oversight Committee, sent letters to Hunter, his uncle James Biden, and Eric Schwerin notifying them that they are “key witnesses” in the committee’s probe of Joe Biden’s possible involvement in their foreign and domestic “business schemes.” 

While both Hunter and James Biden have so far not responded to Comer’s request, last Thursday, Comer revealed that Schwerin, who headed up Rosemont Seneca, is cooperating with committee investigators. 

In an interview with Just the News, Comer said attorneys for Schwerin are regularly communicating with Oversight counsel and he is “confident” that the former Rosemont Seneca chief will work with the committee and provide the information requested. 

Calling it a “positive development,” Comer said he believes Schwerin’s cooperation will prompt others to come forward as well. Comer told Just the News that Schwerin would be a “very valuable witness” in the Oversight Committee’s probe. 

Schwerin made at least 27 visits to the Obama White House while Joe Biden was vice president, including several visits with Biden’s chief of staff Steve Ricchetti, according to White House visitors logs. 

Schwerin was involved in Hunter’s dealings with the Chinese conglomerate CEFC which was founded by Ye Jianming, a CCP-linked tycoon who has since disappeared. 

In late 2015, Schwerin was instrumental in CEFC’s efforts to approach Hunter when he was chairman of the World Food Program USA. After consultant Scott Oh emailed to say CEFC was interested in helping the program’s humanitarian work, Schwerin met with Oh and a short time later emailed Hunter to inform him that CEFC was seeking a US-based asset manager with whom to invest tens of millions of dollars, according to the Washington Examiner.