Hollywood Stars Are Too Afraid To Take Sides On Israel-Hamas Conflict

Prominent figures in Hollywood have voiced their thoughts on Hamas’s recent attacks on Israel. However, a critic highlights the tendency of some to compare the suffering of Israel to that of the Palestinians.

Lieba Nesis, an entertainment journalist for The Jewish Voice, emphasized the powerful influence of celebrities in American culture, noting that they play a pivotal role in shaping the perspectives of both young and older generations.

She expressed concern that when celebrities do not show full support for Israel and instead draw comparisons with Palestinians, they may be doing so to maintain their career standing.
“The fear of cancellation is real,” Nesis commented to Fox News Digital. “Many in Hollywood exist within a closely-knit community, sharing similar views. Stepping out of this shared mindset can risk one’s career and social standing.” She referenced Kylie Jenner’s effort to show solidarity with Israel through a social media post, which she removed after facing significant criticism.

Similarly, Josh Gad, from “Frozen” and whose grandparents survived the Holocaust, received backlash. After expressing his initial sympathy for Israel, he felt compelled to clarify his stance, mentioning his previous criticisms of specific actions of the Israeli government.

Nesis also referred to a comment from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who denounced Hamas but also lamented the loss of lives on both sides.

Nesis concluded, “Many celebrities feel the need to strike a balance in their statements, possibly due to the fear of backlash or cancellation. This fear might stem from worries about their career, peer pressure, or public criticism, especially from those supporting Palestine.”

Some celebrities have firmly chosen a side amidst the escalating tensions. Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather openly backed Israel, sharing on Instagram, “I stand against the Hamas terrorists and with Israel. Hamas is a terrorist group attacking innocent lives and does not represent the people of Palestine!

This isn’t about politics but about ensuring safety. God Bless Israel and God Bless America. He sent a plane full of supplies to aid Israel’s military in a show of support.

Mayweather urged fellow celebrities and athletes to voice their support for Israel, Nesis observed, highlighting the conspicuous silence from many.

She also lauded NBA superstar LeBron James, comedians Amy Schumer and Jerry Seinfeld, and model Gigi Hadid, known for advocating Palestinian rights, for condemning anti-Jewish violence.
Nesis emphasized, “It’s crucial to address the specific issue. In this case, Hamas carried out a significant terrorist attack, surpassing even the actions of ISIS. The lack of vocal condemnation from celebrities feels reminiscent of the silence during the Holocaust. Silence can embolden such acts further.”