GOP Public School Candidate Called Out For Extreme Views

The Republican candidate for North Carolina’s public school superintendent, who would be tasked with controlling a proposed $11 billion budget, has a record of making provocative and outspoken statements. Her name is Michelle Morrow. She is a nurse and a proponent of homeschooling.

In 2020, she proposed a public execution for then-President-elect Joe Biden and also voiced her support for the televised execution of Barack Obama. A fake cover of Time magazine, where Barack Obama is in the electric chair, was liked by Morrow.

Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and other notable figures like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates were among the famous Democrats who Morrow made unsettling comments about murdering for treason.

She said Rep. Ilhan Omar should “head back to Somalia.” Morrow has also called for a ban on Muslims running for office in the US.

Surprisingly, Morrow unseated the sitting Republican superintendent, Catherine Truitt, with her nomination.

Morrow defended her earlier tweets in which she claimed Obama was a traitor.

The state’s superintendent, Morrow, would be responsible for working with the state’s Board of Education to establish and execute curriculum standards, overseeing the state’s public school system’s finances, and contributing to the establishment of educational priorities.

Many of Morrow’s extremist opinions from the past few years were expressed on her personal Twitter account, which is currently defunct. On Twitter, she spread QAnon slogans and suggested that Jim Carrey might be looking for adrenochrome, a belief held by some QAnon members that suggests famous people can artificially extend their lives by drinking the blood of infants.

Not only has Morrow made inflammatory comments, but she has also used the hashtag “#DeathtoTraitors” twelve times on Twitter, most often about certain famous Democrats.

She also believes Obama is a Muslim.