Ghislaine Maxwell’s Talk About Prince Andrew Is Being Ignored

( )- Despite Ghislaine Maxwell’s claims that the infamous photo of Prince Andrew and his assault victim is a fake, a biographer informs that public sympathy will always be with Virginia Giuffre. She is the underage girl Ghislaine recruited to be another girl exploited by the notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell was sentenced to prison in June 2022 for procuring the girls.

Seven months later, she had a telephone interview with Talk TV from behind bars.

The British socialite declared: “It’s not real. I don’t think it’s genuine for a second, and I’m certain it’s not. In any case, I’ve never seen the original or seen a picture of it.”

The FBI and a Stanford institution that examines these things looked at it, and neither found any evidence that it was fake.

Giuffre claimed to have given the original to the FBI in 2011 and filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew in New York in 2021. In March 2022, the royal settled for an undisclosed fee while vehemently disputing the claims.

Virginia has had a rather tricky existence overall and will always be perceived as the victim, according to the biographer Nigel Cawthorne, the author of the book “Prince Andrew: Epstein, Maxwell, and the Palace.”

Following Giuffre’s withdrawal of a second case against Alan Dershowitz, there have been suggestions in the British newspaper The Sun that Andrew may consider filing a new lawsuit against Giuffre.

According to Cawthorne, who has authored biographies of Andrew, Giuffre, and Maxwell, the prince may not benefit much from Maxwell’s comments since she was convicted of human trafficking: “It wouldn’t ordinarily assist you in a court, would it?”

Giuffre previously disclosed to BBC Panorama that she sent the FBI the picture in 2011: “I believe that the public has become tired of these stupid justifications. It is an actual image. It’s a genuine picture that I sent to the FBI for their inquiry. On the reverse of it, there is a date that indicates when it was printed.”

When Andrew settled the case filed against him, a joint statement by the two sides read:

“Jeffrey Epstein is known to have trafficked a large number of underage girls. Prince Andrew commits to convey his remorse for his involvement with Epstein by supporting the battle against the horrors of trafficking, and by helping its victims. He commends the courage of Ms. Giuffre and other survivors in speaking up for themselves and others.