Gavin Newsom Targets 21 Other States With Latest Agenda 

( )- Governor Gavin Newsom said his administration would not extend a $54 million deal with Walgreens, a report from 19fortyfive reveals. 

After receiving letters from 21 state attorneys general stating that delivering abortion medicines might violate federal as well as state regulations, the pharmacy chain said it would no longer offer abortion pills to those states. 

Walgreens is committed to offering abortion drugs for sale in California and twenty-eight other states. But Newsom, a Democrat, is not satisfied with this. He tweeted that California would not do business with Walgreens or any other corporation that caves to radicals and endangers women’s lives. 

California has made similar attempts to impose its policies in the past. 

Government-funded trips to jurisdictions with alleged “anti-gay” and transgender legislation were made illegal in California in 2016.  State employees in California were formerly prohibited from traveling to those states using public funds.  

In 2022, Newsom did, however, vacation in Montana, one of the 22 states he blacklisted. 

One in five women who choose to undergo an abortion with medication may have complications, as the Charlotte Lozier Institute reports. In addition, the organization estimates that up to 15% of women will get an infection or severe bleeding. Women visit the emergency room at a higher rate than usual.

As reported, one in every 20 women who use the drug will end up in the hospital within 30 days. 

Gavin Newsom should spend his time concerning himself with California. The state’s population has dropped significantly in the last two years. 

The LA Times reports that between 2020 and 2022, the population plummeted by more than 500,000, with the number of individuals leaving the state far exceeding those who moved there. 

California’s population has been falling for years, and experts warn the lockdowns from the recent outbreak just made things worse. It encouraged people to leave the state for safer environments elsewhere.

The high cost of housing is also a significant factor in people leaving the state, but other issues, such as crime and congestion, also play a role.