Fox News Star Tells Why Book Reviewers Are Really Ignoring Her Book

( )- Fox continues to be a pariah in certain sectors of the media.

Because she works for Fox News, meteorologist Janice Dean said on Sunday that several publications have declined to review her new book, “I Am the Storm.”

And it’s not just the media. Dean said she also learned that prominent bookseller Barnes & Noble had not yet placed them on display despite ordering hard copies of her book for its locations. She noted that “distribution difficulties” was the only justification offered.

She’s not paranoid. Dean pointed out that Publishers Weekly, which had evaluated her prior works, was one of the publications that had rejected her most recent book.

She has more compelling evidence, as well. Dean pointed out that other evidence mounted up.

“And @amazon put my price point on #IAmtheStorm at the highest $$ with no discount for a week which apparently unheard of. So yeah, I was screwed from the very beginning,” she said, adding one caveat: “(P.S. I have all of this in writing.).”

Despite her publicist’s efforts, Dean says none of the significant trade publications had published a book review. She also announced the news of the media blackout on Instagram, noting that it was particularly depressing considering that the book was about individuals defying terrible difficulties and triumphing over them.

In response to her dilemma, Charlie Gasparino said he had similar treatment when his book was launched. “I can attest to this treatment; when I came to fox and wrote a mainstream book about financial fraud I was told some major newspapers passed on reviewing it because I was a ‘Fox guy,’” he said.

With the focus of Dean’s book being about overcoming obstacles, it is particularly ironic because to publicize it, she will be challenged to implement many of the techniques she writes about.

Dean has said that the bulk of the feedback has been positive, and Dean made another post to express her gratitude to everyone for supporting her.

Dean wrote:

“You all have made me feel so much better. Many of your comments have brought tears to my eyes. I wrote #IAmtheStorm to inspire and give hope. All the stories are about real life heroes that deserve their own books someday. If you can borrow it from a library or pass it along once you’ve read it to someone else to spread the sunshine that would make me so happy. Thank you all so much. I’m grateful and humbled.”