Fox News Star Hugs Son For First Time After Shooting At School

( )- According to a report, Fox News contributor Alicia Acuna cried when she first saw her child walk by as a high school was evacuated due to a shooting. 

Acuna was on the job and reporting as East High School was evacuating. 

Reports showed that a male student shot two school officials and escaped.  Acuna’s stepsons, son, and niece were at the campus when it occurred, but she verified their safety before rushing to update the public on damages, the school’s safety protocol, and the suspect. 

Acuna informed the viewing public that her son suddenly showed up, and she had not seen him – as America Reports broadcasted a message by Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D). The footage showed Acuna apologizing as she and her child hugged, and she promised to finish her report shortly. 

According to a video report, Acuna she and the other parents had many questions. As her son was in an assembly, he texted her that the police had suddenly arrived, then there were paramedics. The assembly was halted, and policemen were protecting their entrance. At the time, Acuna was sitting at her computer, working on a different story. 

Acuna elaborated that her son stated he had to be quiet, but he stayed in touch with her by text message. 

Acuna, based at the Mile High City’s office, started work at Fox News in 1997. 

After the fact, Denver Public Schools said that two adult teaching employees had to be taken to local hospitals. After the Denver Police Dept gave the green light, the school released the children in a controlled manner. The school system has announced that it was collaborating with its Regional Transportation District (RTD) to boost the number of buses available to kids. 

According to local authorities, two adult patients had been discovered and transferred to local hospitals, and the suspect was no longer present. Detectives were attempting to get further information.