FBI Director Warns Terror Threats Are On The Rise

According to a report, FBI Director Christopher Wray recently informed U.S. police chiefs that the amount of terror threats against the country is on the rise.

On Saturday, one week after Hamas terrorists assaulted and slaughtered citizens in southern Israel, Wray appeared at the annual convention of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in San Diego.

The director said that the primary fear of law enforcement is the possibility of lone-wolf pro-Hamas terrorists.

The director’s remarks came after major cities in the United States had been on high alert due to a call from a former Hamas commander for Muslims everywhere to demonstrate favor of the Palestinians on October 13, declaring it a “day of Jihad.”

Wray told the chiefs it is immoral to discriminate against a group because of their religion.

Reports show Republican senators have accused the FBI of creating a document that singled out traditional Catholics as possible domestic terrorists. In early February, a government whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin, disclosed an anti-Catholic dossier.

Wray told the conference that whether it is foreign terrorist groups, those inspired by them, or homegrown violent extremists, Wray argues that antisemitic and other types of violent extremism have existed for far too long.

On Monday, the FBI issued a statement claiming it lacked specific and reliable evidence suggesting the United States was in danger due to Hamas strikes in Israel. Wray said there were no particular domestic threats the agency may be aware of.

According to an FBI post on X, authorities are keeping a close eye on the situation and will communicate any pertinent information with their state, local, federal, and internationally recognized law enforcement, intelligence, and homeland security allies to help them mitigate any potential consequences to public safety.

Wray also encouraged the assembled law enforcement professionals to keep passing along any relevant information or insights they may have.

He assured the public that the FBI shared their dedication to the cause of protecting local communities.