DeSantis Brags That He’s Long Opposed McCarthy

Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis recently claimed that he had opposed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for a long time.

Reports show while the House was debating whether to remove McCarthy as Speaker, DeSantis gave his opinion on Fox News’ Your World. Neil Cavuto of Fox News questioned the governor whether he felt McCarthy had been a poor leader since he took office in January.

From 2013 to 2018, DeSantis served in the House of Representatives. He claimed he was one among the people who criticized McCarthy before it was popular. DeSantis then claimed there didn’t seem to be a strategy to replace McCarthy.

Cavuto asked DeSantis about Matt Gaetz. It was Gaetz who sparked this movement. It seems like he may be successful in having the speaker removed. He asked DeSantis what he thought about him and this action.

DeSantis implied that Gaetz’s proposal was a publicity stunt designed to garner financial support. The governor smugly claimed he felt uncomfortable about it because he heard the Republican congressman say that there’s a lot of fundraising taking place around it.

According to a report, Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis is sending a third of his campaign team to Iowa in an all-out effort there despite having just around $5 million in primary campaign finances left.

This is a huge step for DeSantis since Iowa is the first state to cast its ballot for the Republican candidate, and the caucuses there in January will be one of the few chances he has to change the narrative around his campaign after its catastrophic drop in polls since this spring.

The report shows that DeSantis’ campaign is struggling financially, with Trump’s fundraising efforts having surpassed DeSantis’ by three to one in the third quarter. According to sources from both campaigns, Trump raised $45.5 million in the previous fundraising quarter, while DeSantis only raised $15 million.

Trump and Vivek Ramaswamy have already begun massive TV ad campaigns. In March, Ramaswamy released his “Identity Crisis” commercial in New Hampshire and Iowa as part of a multimillion-dollar investment.
In August, the Trump campaign released scathing advertising labeling the federal prosecutors investigating alleged criminal charges against the former president a “Fraud Squad.”