Dangerous Racial “Test” Given To School Board Members

The school board members from Sunnyvale School District in California recently took an assessment to determine if they were good “white allies,” Breitbart News reported.

In the assessment called “Suggested Competencies for White Allies and Change Agents,” school board members were asked to rate on a scale from one to five how much they agreed with a series of statements.

Included among the many statements, the board members were asked if they accepted the existence of institutional racism in things like housing, education, policing, health care, and the justice system.

They were also asked to what extent they recognize their own conditioning as a white person and whether they try to confront white privilege “to create greater equity and inclusion.” 

They were asked to rate how well they understand how white culture and norms have been “infused” into “workplace culture” and whether they recognized “implicit bias.”

And on and on it went.

The assessment was created for the Alliance for Change Consulting and Coaching by Kathy Obear, who also runs a program called the “White Accountability Group.”

According to Breitbart, documents reveal that Sunnyvale School District’s Parent Teacher Association spent $4,300 to hire diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant Britt Hawthorne to facilitate the school board’s equity discussion.

Hawthorne, whose website promotes Critical Race Theory, claims to be committed to creating a “generation of antiracist children” by teaching them that racism exists in every corner of America, including at home and in the classroom. She claims that she provides the “tools” for people to take responsibility for perpetuating “systems of oppression” without knowing it.