Cruz Claims Michelle Obama Will Replace Biden

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) thinks that former First Lady Michelle Obama will be “parachuted in” to replace President Joe Biden before the 2024 election since he considers former President Barack Obama to be the “puppet master” behind the Biden government.

Cruz thinks Democrats are getting “nervous” because of polling data showing that most Americans (66%) believe that Joe Biden is too elderly to be president and because the media is cueing the marching orders by ramping up its attacks on Biden as of late. He said it’s pretty apparent the media is indicating that it’s time to “cut bait.”

The senator added that Democrats should be worried if Biden’s “mental diminishment” gets any worse before August’s Democratic National Convention when it will be evident that he can’t locate his shoes.

In addition, Cruz considers Barack Obama to be the one pulling the strings in the Biden White House and is in charge of the administration. He thinks the chances of Michelle Obama being sworn in as president in August of 2024 have increased considerably, and this should terrify anyone dissatisfied with the current course of the country and doesn’t want us to head in an even crazier, worse route.

Cruz said the left would immediately start carving Biden on Rushmore, symbolically, on the Rushmore of socialism, if Biden were to stand down. He said that if Biden wants to emulate FDR, Democrats should follow the ultimate statesman idea and have their presidents step aside after two terms. Cruz characterized Democrats as “dynastic,” “top-down,” and “command and control,” suggesting that Michelle is already in an advantageous position within the Democratic hierarchy.

It has been claimed that former President Barack Obama secretly warned President Joe Biden not to underestimate President Donald Trump’s campaign power alongside an energized GOP.

A poll conducted last month showed that Democrats are concerned about President Biden’s (now 80) advanced age.