Biden Reveals Trump Presidency Is Nightmare Scenario For Him

While campaigning in Nevada last weekend, President Joe Biden warned that another Trump presidency would be a “nightmare” for the country, The Hill reported.

During a campaign event in Las Vegas ahead of last Tuesday’s Nevada primary, Biden outlined Donald Trump’s record on guns, healthcare, and veterans and asked voters to imagine what a nightmare it would be if Trump was elected in November.

He railed against Trump for reportedly calling fallen World War Two soldiers buried in France “losers and suckers” in 2018, telling the crowd that he was “glad I wasn’t there.” He once again falsely claimed that his son Beau gave his life serving the country and blasted Trump for calling Beau and others who “gave their lives for this country” losers and suckers.

“Who the hell does he think he is?” Biden asked about Trump.

Biden also attacked Trump for saying in a campaign rally last month that it was time to “get over” the school shooting in Iowa and “move forward.”

Biden declared that he would not “get over it” but instead would “stop it.”

He also blasted Trump for denying climate change and vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act if he won the White House.

This wasn’t the first time the president claimed that Trump’s return to office would be a “nightmare.”

In a fundraiser in Miami late last month, the president told deep-pocketed donors to “imagine the nightmare if Trump returned to office.”

While the president’s rhetoric on the campaign trail has been relatively muted, behind closed doors, Biden is much harsher when talking about Donald Trump, according to a recent report in Politico’s West Wing Playbook.

Sources told Politico that Biden has privately referred to Trump as a “sick f**k” and a “f**king asshole,” especially when discussing some of the former president’s comments about those he deems his enemies.

One source said Biden has described Trump’s behavior as “deeply un-American” and does believe that the former president was a direct threat to democracy.