Biden Rakes In Donations After SOTU Address

President Biden’s State of the Union address prompted a flurry of donations to his reelection campaign which scored a record-breaking 24-hour haul, NBC News reported.

In the 24 hours after the president’s angry and divisive speech, Biden’s reelection campaign raked in $10 million, another massive shot in the arm for a campaign already outraising its Republican opponent Donald Trump.

The $10 million haul was particularly impressive considering that the Biden campaign and its affiliated committees raised just $42 million during the entire month of January.

A Biden campaign senior advisor told NBC News that the $10 million came from about 116,000 separate donations from 113,000 donors.

By the end of January, Biden had $56 million cash on hand while the Democratic National Committee had $24 million in the bank.

By comparison, the Trump campaign ended January with only $30 million in the bank while the Republican National Committee started February with an anemic $9 million cash on hand.

Buoyed by a comfortable cushion of cash, the Biden campaign launched its first major ad buy last weekend — a $30 million, six-week ad campaign in battleground states. The ad features the president directly addressing concerns over his age by arguing that he understood “how to get things done.”

According to the New York Times, the ad is the Biden campaign’s attempt to appeal to younger voters by having the president make light of his age while drawing a contrast between him and Donald Trump.

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez credited the president’s “grassroots supporters” for the record 24-hour fundraising haul. She said in a statement that the grassroots was more motivated than ever to reelect the president and Kamala Harris.

Chavez Rodriguez also stuck the knife into Biden’s Republican challenger by offering condolences to Trump’s “flailing, poor campaign.” She suggested that Trump’s agenda of attacking “women’s rights” and “democracy” while “cutting taxes for the rich” was not a “winning message.”