Biden & Democrats Freaking Out His Imminent Loss

Reports show Democrats have lost patience with the faltering candidate Joe Biden, who is losing badly in the polls against former President Donald Trump.

According to the polls in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan,  North Carolina, Georgia, and Wisconsin, Trump leads Biden in all seven battleground states. Trump is also leading in the popular vote, according to surveys.

Even though he came close to losing to Trump in these states a few years ago, Biden simply cannot lose a single one of them this time around.

Legacy media has reported that in January, at a private meeting at the White House, Biden was told by aides that his numbers in Georgia and Michigan had tanked due to his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.  That caused Biden to explode in anger. An unnamed lawmaker claims that Biden began to curse and shout about the polls.

Biden is also upset because he believes he is being unfairly blamed for the astronomical inflation rates due to Bidenomics, and he has not been acknowledged for his role in generating employment.

Democrats are reportedly becoming more irritated with Biden. Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) is one of them.

Smith said the Democrats do not have the time to concern themselves with the integrity of statements or the accuracy of poll results. He prefers concentrated effort over defensive rage.

The White House crew is reportedly at odds with itself on how to allay Democrats’ fears. Some of his advisors’ recommendations have Biden wary as well.

Suggestions given to Biden are contradictory. His advisors are worried that others would think he’s too elderly based on his gait, so they’ve advised him to walk quickly. Despite this, the president no longer boards Air Force One by the main entrance high above the tarmac. Instead, he uses a shorter stairway in the plane’s belly due to his tendency to trip on stairs and the ground, for that matter.

Regardless of polling data, it’s a bumpy road ahead for Joe Biden, the candidate.