Biden Admin Allegedly Giving Thousands To Immigrant Families

According to the Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies Senior National Security, Todd Bensman, the Biden administration gives illegal immigrant families $2,200 monthly through false asylum claims to cover basic living costs.

This happens at a time when the average monthly Social Security payment in the United States is just $1,400. After the disastrous fires in Maui, the government provided only $700 for those who were victims.

The Biden regime is releasing illegal immigrants into the United States, and may no longer be required to undergo asylum interviews. According to a video interview with an unnamed Border Patrol agent, some illegal aliens are “double dipping” the system by claiming benefits for two families at once, each earning $2,200 per month for a parent and a kid.

This equates to a stunning $4,400 monthly for some immigrant families, more than many working Americans make in a year.

This data backs up the assertions of the legal immigration advocacy organization ALIPAC, which says that the Biden-Harris government is subsidizing illegal alien invaders at the expense of American citizens. Local resettlement affiliates get $2,375 from the Department of State for each refugee, with $1,275 explicitly designated for meeting the urgent, immediate needs of refugees. Resettlement workers utilize the remaining portion of the per-person budget to provide essential services, including housing, food, free medical care, and even transportation to any location in the United States of the recipient’s choosing.

With the help of a corrupt Department of Justice, the Biden administration can transport planeloads of illegal immigrants from the Southern border every day while strapped Americans remain desperate and ignorant of the unfair practices.

This data demonstrates that illegal immigrants are familiar with U.S. immigration policies and processes, particularly the appropriate language when applying for asylum.